Mobile Car Detailing – How It Works

Mobile car detailing is the thorough cleaning and maintenance of your vehicle. From the top to the wheels and also interiors, Mobile car detailing pampers your vehicle with everything that could bring it to shine, literally. Why should you do it? Well, usually car owners love pampering their car, but it’s actually necessary for you to do a regular maintenance for your car. Dust, dirt, and many other contaminants, can damage your car paint and may even scratch or crack your tire, if left dirty for a long time. Mobile car detailing, although, is not a short process but can be a very satisfying one. It’s almost like seeing your car, go through a renovation.

Let’s go through the stages involved in Mobile Car Detailing, so you can have an idea about it.

The Wheels and Tires

Being the parts with direct contact to road, they are usually the most dirtiest. Mobile Car Detailing, starts with washing the tires and wheels, first. This is because we don’t want the dirt from the wheels to splatter and mess a washed car. First, the wheels and tires are rinsed thoroughly to get rid of all the contaminants. Then, a wheel cleaning solution is applied on the wheels and is left to soak for a couple of minutes. It is then, cleaned and rinsed thoroughly. A Tire protection is also applied in the end, which acts as a protecting layer against damage caused by contaminants. Now, your tires would look shiniest, you have seen in a while.

The Body

The body of the car is prone to bird poop, tree sap, and UV rays. UV rays can damage your paint to an extent, that you would have to repaint it. Also, bird poop, tree sap and other contaminants, when left for a long time, can etch in and damage the paint. It’s so much more easier to just let your car have a wash, regularly. However, Mobile Car Detailing does not only wash the body of the car, but also polishes and waxes your car, thereby making it look really good and also protecting it from damage. The body of the car is rinsed, to get rid of contaminants. It is then washed with a car wash solution or an all purpose cleaner. It is rinsed again. It is also decontaminated and rinsed. When the car is done being washed, it’s dried with a microfiber cloth.

Meanwhile, the windows, headlights, and mirrors are cleaned with a glass cleaner. The Exhaust is also cleaned. Polish is applied on the car, not just for the extra and beautiful shine, but also to remove the top most protective layer without damaging the paint. It is then left to dry and later, the car is waxed. Waxing is very necessary to protect the paint from damage. It also makes your car look glossy and beautiful. Now, the exterior is all done and you are left with a gorgeous car.

The Interior

Interiors are not as much dirty as the exteriors, but there might be trash, and stained seats and mats. First, the interior is cleaned and all the trash is taken out. The Interior is vacuumed thoroughly. Then, the seats are wiped. Also, the dashboard, steering wheel, gear stick and all other parts are cleaned thoroughly.

And, your end product is your car in an amazing, new look. If reading this, is pretty satisfying, imagine the satisfaction you would get, when you have Mobile Car Detailing done to your car. Think about it, but soon. Your car deserves being pampered!

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