Call Tracking System Software – Facts You Need to Know About

Call tracking is an analytics technology for marketing. Call tracking system software helps agencies and businesses to measure their website, digital advertising, offline marketing and to detect conversation and quality of the calls. Marketing companies make use of this software to gain insights from the customer calls and optimize website and media performance. A call tracking device generates the qualified leads from phone calls at a low cost per head- CPL. It displays the number of conversations of each marketing source and how many calls each marketing source is generating.

How does call tracking system software operate?

Call tracking software assigns trackable numbers a unique phone id from each marketing source. The phone captures call data. This permits you to understand the number of calls of every marketing source and the fundamental demographic info regarding each caller. If the call tracking is AI-driven, then the insights of urgency, conversation results, and quality are captured too.

The phone numbers are set in two primary ways to track the calls:

DNI-Dynamic Number Insertion: DNI operates by inserting a javascript code to your internet site. When anyone browses the site, the code operates and replaces the calling number with a trackable call number for that visitor. This will inform you about the visitor session and how they came to know about you. Whenever they call, a call tracking finishes attribution call data and about the caller. This makes the marketers view this data on the call tracking reports in the software. This is a technology that is perfect for call attribution from SEO, website interaction, and digital advertising.

One to One Call Tracking: A call tracking generates a specific phone number that is assigned to offline content, ad, marketing, or direct mail. Tracking can be done with the call volume to any of these specific numbers to comprehend the performance of every source.

The need for a call tracking system software

With online call tracking, the outcomes of digital ad campaigns are simple to quantify. But when it comes to inbound calls, digital campaigning can get murkier. It becomes hard for the marketers to track offline and online customers, invest in marketing for the majority of customers, generate customers at the lowest CPL. It gets more tedious where the maximum revenue generation is through calls.

The benefits of a call tracking system are:

  • Understand the total campaigning results.
  • Optimize more conversations at the lowest CPL.
  • Assess how to take the best actions precisely for callers.
  • Allocating efficient marketing drives revenue.
  • Works both offline and online.
  • Measure the phone calls volume of each marketing source.
  • Analyze and transcribe each call to gain insights from the conversations.

Typically, a call tracking system software can:

  • Display the campaign, channel, keyword, ad group, or website that generates the call.
  • The caller device used.
  • Call time and day with name and phone number.
  • The geographic location of the caller.
  • Repetitive or a new caller
  • The call was unanswered, to voice mail, or answered.
  • Call waiter hold time and call duration
  • Call made for sales or appointment
  • Service or products interested by the caller
  • Call result

Some other features can also be included, depending on the software.


Get your marketing, site, and call analysis easier with a call tracking system software. Analyze the call data to improve your campaigning, website, and service to get more customers at low CPL. Call tracking can be done both offline and online. Set your system with call tracking for better customer service.