What Does a Transmission Repair Include?

Transmission repair is at the top of the list of things auto owners don’t want to hear from their mechanics. Even if it is repairable, the expense of the repair is likely to be significant. Transmission repair in OKC deals with transmission repair all over OKC.

What Is the Function of the Transmission?

Transmissions are critical to a vehicle’s capacity to function. Transmissions transfer the engine’s power to the drive axle through a series of gears, allowing the engine to run at different speeds.

Indications That Your Transmission Is In Need of Repair

  • The fluid has a “burned” odor to it.
  • Humming, clunking, or grinding, or other unusual sounds, particularly whenever the car is positioned neutrally.
  • When shifting, the clutch remains engaged, resulting in grinding noises.
  • When the gears shift, you’ll hear and often feel a thumping or grinding sensation instead of smooth transitions.
  • While driving, the transmission returns to neutral or skips between speeds.
  • While driving, the transmission returns to neutral or skips between speeds.
  • Higher than average RPMs for a gear change or speed, as well as a lag between gear changes

Services for Transmission Repair

Your vehicle may require a variety of transmission repair services. The following are some of the most common:

Changing the Transmission Fluid

A transmission fluid change can be done in two ways. A complete fluid exchange according to your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations. Second, change the gearbox fluid and filter according to the vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations. If you follow your vehicle’s suggested transmission fluid replacement schedule, which is usually every two years or 30,000 miles, you’ll be able to prevent an expensive transmission repair.

Flushing the Transmission

A transmission flush is a comprehensive transmission repair that “flushes” out accumulated muck and filth. The mechanic begins by draining the old oil. The transmission is then flushed with new oil and cleaning solutions, eliminating any harmful particles. Finally, new oil is poured into the transmission.

Replace or Rebuild

Mechanics may recommend a replacement or rebuild if the transmission begins to fail or stops working entirely. If this is the case, make sure you choose an auto repair business with a good reputation.

Variables in Transmission Repair Costs

Transmission repairs vary in price depending on the type and degree of the work that needs to be done. Thousands of dollars can be spent if the transmission needs to be replaced or rebuilt. It may just cost a few hundred dollars if only a fluid change or minor repairs are required.

Here are a few factors to consider when calculating transmission repair costs:

Automatic vs Manual: Manual transmissions are less expensive to fix as compared to automatic transmissions.

The Model and make of the Vehicle: The make and model of the vehicle will influence the cost of transmission repair. Standard domestic models will, on average, be substantially less expensive than imported and/or premium models.

Damage Severity: Costs are usually determined by the extent of the damage and how well the vehicle has been maintained. When it comes to avoiding costly repairs, following the manufacturer’s recommendations can make all the difference.

New vs. Old: Finding parts for rare and significantly older automobiles can be challenging, which drives up repair expenses.


Because a single mechanical failure affecting the transmission might cause an engine to completely shut down, it’s critical to be aware of the warning indications. If you suspect a problem, have your car inspected as soon as possible by professional Auto repair in OKC.

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