Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Granite in Phoenix

Having a great bathroom at home is everybody’s utmost desire and for that people go out of the way to find the right material that can make the bathroom aesthetic and appealing. So if you are the one who wants to do bathroom makeovers but doesn’t know what material to choose? Then you are at the right place. Here in this blog, we are going to tell you all about bathroom granite in Phoenix.


Benefits of Granite Countertops


Granite is the perfect material for bathroom benchtops. It is one of the most difficult and long-lasting materials. Granite is scratch-resistant and retains its luster even when wet. Granite’s stain resistance makes it an excellent choice if you want a perfectly clean bathroom setting. Below we are going to cast light on the benefits of granite countertops.


  1. Durability – Granite, including its beauty, is a rugged material. It is one of the most long-lasting countertop materials available. It can withstand a wide range of potentially dangerous events and elements. It is, for example, highly scratch-resistant.


  1. Affordability – Most people’s first thought as they people use the term “granite countertops” is the starting price that comes with it. Although granite adds a phenomenally beautiful look to your house, it can also be shockingly inexpensive, particularly if you find the correct granite distributor. Many businesses sell prefabricated marble that will always suit the room well, but you will not have to pay for additional granite that is carved away to the specifications.


  1. Functionality – Granite is a fantastic substance that will benefit everybody in the household. It offers a nice and durable surface for the cook in the family, a safe and sanitary environment for the family to be around or in the kitchen or the bathroom, and lovely dining space for hosting friends and relatives.


  1. Cleanliness – Cleanliness is everybody’s first concern especially if you have kids or the elderly at home. The problem of bacteria lying around on countertops is the concern of most families and in such cases going with granite countertops is a suitable option. Granite is a very hygienic worktop that, when tightly sealed, does not absorb germs and bacteria into its holes.


  1. Variety – One of the best aspects of buying granite is that it would be absolutely exclusive. Since granite is a natural material, no two parts are exactly alike. Granite is also available in a variety of shapes and finishes. This provides you with many choices and helps you to choose the granite that would fit well in your house.


What is the Cost of Bathroom Granite Phoenix?


One of the major things about buying bathroom granite is it doesn’t put a burden on your pocket. Granite has a beautiful and elegant look. It is long-lasting and resistant to scraping and chipping. Such incredible qualities will undoubtedly add significant value.

Although standard bathroom granite costs between $50 and $60 per square meter. If you choose a higher-quality granite, expect to pay $60-$70 per square meter. Finally, if you want to install high-quality granite in your bathroom, you can pick a granite that costs up to $200 per linear foot.


Final Thought


That’s all! This is our honest catch on the marble slab in Phoenix. So if you are in a dilemma to choose granite, our suggestion here is don’t confuse yourself anymore. It is one of the best stones that provides an elegant look plus also requires less effort compared to the other stones available in the market.


So what’s the halt now? Go and give it a try and let us know all about the experience in the comments section.

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Ideal Types of Bathroom Sinks in Phoenix

Selecting the right basin for bathroom is a vital aspect to properly look after in the process of bathroom renovation. The bathroom design can create significant amount of difference in the total process of bathroom remodeling. Washroom can assumed to be in perfect condition when you’re not thinking twice about getting inside. With premium quality bathroom sinks in Phoenix, Arizona, you get this condition for your bathroom without facing any difficulty in usage, and you get a designated space for utility which is surprisingly beautiful and elegant.

Bathroom sinks in Phoenix are designed as attractive and sturdy options and these fit well as centerpieces for bathroom suits inside houses. Whether it’s about the bathroom next to the bedroom or a little powder room, it would surely be surprising how well any of these options create a huge difference in space.

Bathroom Basin types

  1. Wall Mounted

Wall mounted sinks are ideal for spots with only little space or if you wish to have a minimalist design. The sink body is sturdy and it easily hangs on the bathroom wall. The bathroom has visible plumbing features which creates a rustic styled bathroom – more like an exposed brick  bathroom version.

The design doesn’t offer an inbuilt cabinet but it provides creativity with storage space! However be warned, it’s good to rather accidentally sit on wall mounted basin, as they’re not able to handle a lot of weight.

  1. Tabletop

Tabletop sinks are commonly seen in bathroom as they’re elegant and significantly improve the personality of any bathroom. When you’re not worried about conservation of additional space, the sink would serve as classy bathroom addition. These are ideal to contain water splashes and can be installed easily.

  1. Drop in

The drop in basin gets designed for counter top or vanity. It is created with considering conventional design, where the basin is placed in surface center.

The basin drop comes with wide rim making it simple to install. All you need is properly cut hole in the counter top, and the sink easily gets placed inside hole and gets supported through own rim.

  1. Corner

A corner basin can be said similar to wall mounted basin, but its design is intended for room corner. It is a fine way of conserving space as the corners don’t get utilized commonly inside bathrooms. This is a casual choice for two piece bathrooms, as they’re not able to support weight and don’t offer storage space.

  1. Under mount sink

Under mount basins are installed underneath the countertop, where the counter edges typically cover the sink’s body rim. It makes a simple to clean counter with overall sleek appearance. This is complex installation than sinks that get dropped into hole as these get drilled in counter structure.

When you want the ideal sink you would need to think of two logical things: what you’re willing to have and the availability of space. There is no standard size for bathroom sinks, but some typical sizes are 16 and 20 inches (round sink diameter). Rectangular ones are around 20 inches to 24 inches respectively. Size generally varies with preference.

The most commonly styles for bathroom sinks in Phoenix, Arizona are vessel sinks, self-rimming bathroom sinks, wall-mounted, console sinks, pedestal sinks, etc. All these selections vary with what you require, and the space available inside your bathroom.

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