Outbound Call Tracking Software – Facts You Must Know

We live in a fast-growing world. To just guess as to what would be the business strategy every month will be a foolish thing. If you track the outbound calls you will be able to know what works and what does not so you can change your plan accordingly. There are various outbound call tracking software available that will help you track and analyze the information more effectively.


What is Outbound Calling?


An outbound call is an outgoing call made by the call centre on behalf of a client or a company. These calls are regularly made to the customers by whom they can make some kind of profit and focus on sales, telemarketing, lead generation and raising funds. Calls can moreover be made to the existing clients for renewing their services, updating contact lists, collecting debts, pre-emptive customer service, and market research.


What is Outbound call tracking software ?


Outbound call tracking software just like the sales call tracking software allows the user to track, analyze and organize all the call records. But the outbound software comes with more benefits if the owner initiates the call. You’ll be able to track the specific metrics based on the questions of who, when, how and why you contacted a person and what were the consequences of doing so. The software keeps track of all this data and helps the owner in analyzing and implementing them for better growth.


Following should be the characteristics of  good outbound tracking software provides :


Easy Usage

The first reason to get this software is to save your time and effort in decoding all the company data to form decisions. If the software is difficult to use and you have a problem understanding it then it will become a bane from a boon. The software should be easy to function and understand so it makes your business more efficient.



When you set up your business you do not have enough funds and opt for software that is cheap. Keep in mind you will not always be small and will grow someday. The software has to grow with you while providing  the correct information. If the software gets expensive with your growth you should consider some alternatives.


Real-Time Analytics

Real-time data is very vital for the growth of your business. Both real-time stats and real-time history reports are important to help your business stay up to date in analyzing the direction and performance of your business. With the help of the software providing you with real-time analytics you can be more decisive and make better decisions and set goals with the software that can provide you with the most current information.




This is one of the most important features that the software you choose must contain. Your business is different from that of the others. You have different goals, obstacles, wants, success and concerns that the other business may not have. The software has to be flexible according to your business needs. If the software fails to do so it will act as a disadvantage and could prove to be fatal after some time. So before choosing a software check for compatibility and customization.


Keep all the above points in mind before choosing an outbound call tracking software.

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Top 5 Benefits of Customer Call Tracking Software

Call tracking is not a new concept; however, the advancements made in technology make it a priceless asset to possess these days. It is important for a customer call track software to be versatile, comprehensive, succinct, and cloud-based. In this article, we are going to mention some of the most notable benefits provided by customer call tracking software out there.

  1. Expand your business by emphasizing untapped areas

Successful companies always make an effort to expand their business. However, it is imperative to focus on untapped and new markets for prospering your company. Call tracking software will allow you to evaluate the potential in those areas and make attempts to get into those regions. Call tracking will allow you to be aware of the geographical information regarding individuals calling your company. Monitoring this information will help you to know the particular areas from where lots of calls are coming to you so that you can target your marketing campaigns there in the future.

  1. Improve ROI

It is the natural propensity of small companies to minimize their expenses. In this way, they will be able to generate lots of profit as well. Nevertheless, it is quite tough to operate companies with minimum expenditures incurred since people are of the notion that low costs might result in low-quality returns. However, with vanity numbers, this is not true. It will be possible to use them locally and also share easily which makes it an extremely inexpensive solution generating quality results.

Ideally, a company should be available on the phone at all times. However, small businesses are not able to validate the cost of such a service. A call tracking application will enable you to track any missed call quite easily without missing any opportunity for your business. It will help you to gather valuable info regarding the number of calls you have missed and also from where those calls were originated.

  1. Enables you to decide quickly

Customer call tracking software will enable you to produce reports with all types of info regarding the call lengths, the callers themselves, the total number of calls, and so on. You will be able to access this data at your convenient time for making quick decisions regarding advertising expenditure.

  1. Improve call recording services

Call tracking will allow you to record every single inbound call. These recorded calls will allow you to get valuable data regarding the preferences of your clients and what sorts of problems they are facing. This data will help you to make the required alterations in your services and products, thus enhancing client gratification.

  1. Manage your employees properly

The ability of the customer call tracking software to record calls will allow you to comprehend whether your staff is performing a proper job while dealing with the clients and enhancing sales conversions. The areas where you need to improve can likewise be pinpointed. Call tracking application can become an excellent training tool for the staff in your company to provide remarkable customer service through the phone.


Business phone calls are not going to go away. At least, not now as well as in the near future. In case you like to take advantage of that, obtaining a customer call tracking and recording software ought to be of prime importance.

Call Tracking System Software – Facts You Need to Know About

Call tracking is an analytics technology for marketing. Call tracking system software helps agencies and businesses to measure their website, digital advertising, offline marketing and to detect conversation and quality of the calls. Marketing companies make use of this software to gain insights from the customer calls and optimize website and media performance. A call tracking device generates the qualified leads from phone calls at a low cost per head- CPL. It displays the number of conversations of each marketing source and how many calls each marketing source is generating.

How does call tracking system software operate?

Call tracking software assigns trackable numbers a unique phone id from each marketing source. The phone captures call data. This permits you to understand the number of calls of every marketing source and the fundamental demographic info regarding each caller. If the call tracking is AI-driven, then the insights of urgency, conversation results, and quality are captured too.

The phone numbers are set in two primary ways to track the calls:

DNI-Dynamic Number Insertion: DNI operates by inserting a javascript code to your internet site. When anyone browses the site, the code operates and replaces the calling number with a trackable call number for that visitor. This will inform you about the visitor session and how they came to know about you. Whenever they call, a call tracking finishes attribution call data and about the caller. This makes the marketers view this data on the call tracking reports in the software. This is a technology that is perfect for call attribution from SEO, website interaction, and digital advertising.

One to One Call Tracking: A call tracking generates a specific phone number that is assigned to offline content, ad, marketing, or direct mail. Tracking can be done with the call volume to any of these specific numbers to comprehend the performance of every source.

The need for a call tracking system software

With online call tracking, the outcomes of digital ad campaigns are simple to quantify. But when it comes to inbound calls, digital campaigning can get murkier. It becomes hard for the marketers to track offline and online customers, invest in marketing for the majority of customers, generate customers at the lowest CPL. It gets more tedious where the maximum revenue generation is through calls.

The benefits of a call tracking system are:

  • Understand the total campaigning results.
  • Optimize more conversations at the lowest CPL.
  • Assess how to take the best actions precisely for callers.
  • Allocating efficient marketing drives revenue.
  • Works both offline and online.
  • Measure the phone calls volume of each marketing source.
  • Analyze and transcribe each call to gain insights from the conversations.

Typically, a call tracking system software can:

  • Display the campaign, channel, keyword, ad group, or website that generates the call.
  • The caller device used.
  • Call time and day with name and phone number.
  • The geographic location of the caller.
  • Repetitive or a new caller
  • The call was unanswered, to voice mail, or answered.
  • Call waiter hold time and call duration
  • Call made for sales or appointment
  • Service or products interested by the caller
  • Call result

Some other features can also be included, depending on the software.


Get your marketing, site, and call analysis easier with a call tracking system software. Analyze the call data to improve your campaigning, website, and service to get more customers at low CPL. Call tracking can be done both offline and online. Set your system with call tracking for better customer service.

Why Do You Need Call Track Software Fort Your Business?

A business owner, you need to understand that it is extremely important to track the calls and visits to your websites. By tracking the calls, you can gain some really helpful additional understanding of the marketing. Marketing team will assign some specific phone numbers to each and every marketing campaign. Hence, it will be easier to track the calls. This will bring more data and input about which campaign is generating more sales or calls. There are a number of benefits of using the best call track software tool.

Benefits of using call track software

If you own a business, then you need to know and understand why is it important for you to have a call track software tool. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Tracking the audience

The best part of the call tracking tool is that it helps you to understand the audiences at a much deeper level. This is way more than just the information available on your caller ID. Before you even pick up the call, the three most important things that you know about the audience are – first and last name, phone number and geographical location on the display. Moreover, the software can record more information such as – reason of the call, quality of the call, duration of the call and the purchase history of the caller.

  1. Enhancing the customer care

As you may already know, customer service is the key to the growth of any business. According to a study, about 55% of the customers are really willing to pay more for the same product if they are likely to get better customer support in the process. There is no doubt that the call track software can help to enhance the customer care support. The customer service optimization will be more data-driven than that of the trial-and-error. The software is more integrated with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) which can help the customers to reach to the preferred destination.

  1. Know details about the campaigns

One of the main reasons for investing in one of the best call track software is to optimize the marketing campaign. There is no doubt that a good marketing campaign needs insight about the previous ones. The call tracking tool will help you to know which channel or platform of marketing is producing maximum traffic, calls and purchases. It will also tell you about the keywords that are bringing more footfalls to the business. Thus, it will be easier for the marketing team to figure out what they have to do in the next campaign.


Hence, it is quite evident that the call tracking software tools are highly beneficial for the businesses. If you too own a business and want to enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits, then you need to choose the best software available in the market. Make sure to check whether or not the tracking software has all the essential features that are needed for enjoying the above benefits. This is essential to know more about your customers and their journey with your company.


Who Needs Call Track Software

If you are a business person then you should know how much it is important to implement a call tracking software in order to keep up with your marketing and sales department. If you do not understand after getting calls to your business that how leads are finding your company, then you should need the call tracking software. Through this, you can easily understand how people find your business. You can also trace the original source of the phone calls and understand better which marketing strategy works best and bring leads to your business.

What is it?

Call tracking software is a tool. This tool can help you to track the phone calls whether it comes from the online and offline marketing efforts. It also allows you or a business person to track the marketing campaigns that drive the users to contact your business. Through the help of this tool, you can also record the call for future references. Apart from this, you can track calls from various sources such as:

  • Local listings
  • Pay per click ads
  • Your website
  • Social media ads
  • Radio spots

Who need this software?

You should know the fact that who need this particular software. Actually, this software is perfect for the business owners. They can handle their business and marketing strategy through this particular software. If you run a business, then you should get this software. This call tracking software can increase your marketing results by discovering the histories and details behind every conversation. This call track software can also capture the performance of your social media campaigns. So, through this, you can assess your marketing investments.

The benefits of call tracking software:

There are so many benefits of the call tracking software. These advantages are such as follows:

  1. Deep insight of the marketing ROI:

Through the call tracking software, you can understand which advertising campaigns are collecting good leads and you can also improve your conversion rate as well. It will also make visible the marketing ROI. It is one of the inbound marketing tactics.

  1. Better caller experience:

Call tracking software can give you information about callers. You can easily know their location, their product preferences and the call history as well. After getting these all information about your clients, you can improve the caller experience as well.

  1. Track the offline engagement:

Call tracking software can also track the offline marketing channels. So, you can easily track the TV, radio ads and other offline engagements.

  1. Call recording:

You can also record the calls for future benefits or reference. You can also get the valuable insight into your audience’s thought and understand their reason to contact you.

The call tracking software will help you to improve where needed. You can understand which campaigns of yours need improvement. It is very much beneficial for your business and you can also save a lot of money. This is a smart way to make your business successful and start better marketing investments. So, if you want to know better and more about your customer and their preferences, then you should immediately go for the call tracking software.