Car Detailing: What Should A Full Detailing Service Include?

Car is always a precious belonging for all the car owners. They always want to keep their car at its best condition and also want to keep it clean and perfect like the new one. For that, you need to get your cars detailed too. Washing your car is important but it is not enough. The car detailing is much more than just car washing. It is about a thorough cleaning of your car inside out. To know more about the car detailing and how it is done, read on.

Services done in car detailing

A classic car detailing consists of a complete cleaning of the exterior or the car as well as the interior. Here is the detailed information about it:

  1. Exterior car detailing
  • The exterior detailing of the car includes cleaning of the chassis and the wheels first. These are the two areas which are mostly exposed to the dirt and dusts. The entire chassis as well as the wheels are deeply cleaned with the help of the soapy and water. Even the car chassis is waxed properly to bring back the shine.
  • The next thing is to clean the exterior trim, headlight as well as the taillights of the car. Often the headlights and taillights can show some signs of oxidation. But proper cleaning and sealing with a sealant can help to restore the newness. Also the chromed trim must be cleaned. If the trim is of plastic or vinyl, then it should be dressed with a protectant.
  • Engine bay is the next for the car detailing of the exterior part. Of course, the most important aspect of the car mechanism is the engine. Without that, it is not possible to drive the car in the right way. Hence, it is very important to ensure that the engine bay is properly cleaned.
  1. Interior car detailing


  • When it comes to the car detailing of the interior, you cannot miss the seats. The leather seats are extremely durable but they can have dusts, dirt, sweats and many more other impurities. These can give rise to bacteria and germs. The car detailing service will clean the seats thoroughly.
  • The next thing that the service focuses on is the carpets in your car. Of course, they carry the most of the dirt, mud and debris as people keep their shoes on it. Cleaning the carpets and disinfecting them in the right way is very much essential.
  • Along with this, cleaning of the steering wheel, gear, windows and mirrors are also important part of the car detailing. A service will definitely clean each and every corner of your car’s interior to keep it clean and perfectly new.


These are some of the important services that you will be able to enjoy when you are asking for a complete car detailing services. You can search for the best service in your area to get the best experience. As the car is one of the biggest investments, you need to make sure that you are keeping it perfectly fine and well-conditioned.

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